AIDA 3 Advanced Freediver Course

Duration: 3-4 Days

Commitment: Dedicated

Max Depth: 30 meters (100 ft)

Certification: AIDA 3

Cost: 595 $CAD + taxes

  • If you're interested in advancing your deep diving abilities to 30 meters (100 feet) on one breath, then this course is for you. 

  • Study advanced concepts of freediving theory, physiology and diving physics. Train to safely hold your breath for longer, perform longer dynamics and improve on deep equalization skills.

  • You will train in different freediving disciplines including static, dynamic and depth. Practice advanced open water safety and deep rescue techniques. 

  • After completing this program, you’ll be an advanced freediver with a greater comfort in freediving in an open water setting. This course is recommend for anyone wishing to compete in freediving. 

  • You can receive an AIDA 3 Certificate issued by AIDA International (additional 20 Euro).

Frequently Asked Questions

What freediving course should I sign up for?

We recommend to sign up for an AIDA 1 Beginner Freediver course if you have little to no experience in an open water setting. A pool based course will help you achieve a comfort underwater and while holding your breath. If you already have experience in scuba diving, snorkeling or other open water activities, then we recommend to take an AIDA 2 course. The AIDA 3 course is intended for experienced freedivers looking to dive deeper on one breath. The Molchanovs Wave Courses have a higher emphasis on technical training and depth compared to the AIDA courses. They also provide follow-up online training and coaching with the Molchanovs community.

What prerequisites do I need for the AIDA 3 course?

For the AIDA 3 Advanced Freediver course you must have an AIDA 2 certificate, equivalent certification or similar experience in freediving. All courses require participants to sign a medical form, a liability release and be 18 years of age or older (16 years with parent or guardian consent).

What equipment should I bring in the pool session?

For an AIDA 1 pool session you will need a wetsuit, a mask and snorkel. A thin wetsuit is required to stay warm while practicing statics in the pool. We recommend a triathlon/surfing/snorkelling wetsuit anywhere between 3mm to 5mm thick. As a reference, this is appropriate: For an AIDA 2 pool session you will need exactly the same equipment as an AIDA 1 pool session, and additonally fins, a weight belt and weights are required. Please bring a change of clothes, a yoga mat, pool sandals and any other gear appropriate for a pool session.

Is freediving a suitable activity for me?

Freediving is an activity suitable for everyone, irregardless of experience or background. Freediving education with AIDA provides a safe and supportive environment that allows students to test themselves and discover a passion for breath-hold diving. As long as you're generally in good physical shape and aren't a heavy smoker, you can train and learn to freedive.

What equipment should I bring for the open water session?

An open water session in Canada requires specific freediving equipment to maintain comfort, warmth and protection in the water. In the summer months, the surface water may be warm, however thermoclines persist at depth. For any open water course, session or training we require a mask, snorkel, fins, weight-belt, weights and a freediving wetsuit. Additionally, socks and gloves may be required. A freediving wetsuit is a two piece wetsuit that seals off water. We recommend a thickness from 5mm to 7mm for summer freediving and 7mm for winter freediving. Other equipment to bring is a change of warm and dry clothes, towel, sandals, and a warm beverage. You can rent a full freediving equipment package at a local dive shop (contact us for details) or purchase a wetsuit online. We recommend the local Canadian wetsuit manufactuer Oceaner Sporting Goods ( Sea to Sky Freediving students receive 10% off wetsuits from Oceaner. For more info on cold water freediving and wetsuits, check out this article: