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AIDA International or Molchanovs Freediving?

So you're interested in a freediving course, but not sure which program to choose from? Read below for some more information and feel free to reach out to our instructor for more questions.

Advantages of Molchanovs Freediving

  1. Certificates included in all education levels

  2. Access to online coaching and training platform

  3. BASE TRAINING and WORKOUT of the WEEK (WOW) access

  4. Discounts on all MOLCHANOVS equipment and gear

  5. Excellent videos, manuals and theory material for online education

Advantages of AIDA International

  1. Mostly widely recognized freediving organization in the world

  2. You're part of the AIDA system worldwide

  3. Join pool and depth competitions easily

  4. Biggest community of social media

  5. Almost every instructor in the world is also an AIDA Instructor

Course Equivalents

  1. AIDA 1 = Lap 1 Freediver (Pool Course) 

  2. AIDA 2 = Wave 1 Freediver (Open Water Depth Course) 

  3. AIDA 3 = Wave 2 Freediver (Advanced Depth Course) 

  4. AIDA 4 = Wave 3 Freediver (Expert/Assistant Instructor Course)

Good news: You don't have to choose one!

That's right!


You can take either course and with a simple cross-over evaluation you can easily obtain both certifications! Your only extra cost will be that of the cross-over evaluation (i.e. a one-day assessment of skills), certifications (i.e. if applicable) and access to the Molchanovs Program (i.e. if coming from AIDA). 

Why do both? 

More skills, more access to online training  and simply more tools in your toolbox. There's advantages to both programs, and we believe the more you know, the better and safer a freediver you'll be. Also, the more communities you can connect with!

Ready to Join?

Your instructor, Luca Malaguti, has trained under two of the world's best freedivers and instructors: Johnny Sunnex (AIDA International) and Thibault Guignes (Molchanovs Freediving). 

So rest assured, whichever program you choose (or both) you are in good hands!