Pranayama, Breathwork & Lung Gymnastics

Breathwork in freediving focuses on the exercises freedivers use to dive deeper and adapt the body to immense pressures. These can have excellent health benefits. 

Heavily based on pranayama yoga, freediving breathwork is about increasing the elasticity of the diaphragm and flexibility of the thoracic muscles.


This will result in an increased ability to control your breathing and expand the air inhaled on one breath. These exercises are also fundamental to relaxation and stress relief. 

Freediving Breathwork and Pranayama

Topics in pranayama & breath-work include:


  • Either online or in person*

  • Maximum of 6-8 participants per session

  • 1 hour dry training session

  • Open to anyone and all levels

  • Safe and supportive environment

  • Coaching and feedback on exercises

  • Practice controlled hyper-ventilation

  • Learn hypo-ventilation exercises

  • Learn to control the diaphragm

  • Learn to better engage the intercostal muscles 

  • Practice CO2 tolerance training exercises

  • Train hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions

  • Personalized and hands-on teaching approach

  • Learn relaxation through breathing

  • Induce bradycardia (low heart rate)

  • Excellent for stress and anxiety relief 


*Online Cost per Person: 49 $CAD + taxes

In-Person: 99 $CAD + taxes


  • Workout clothes and yoga mat

  • Pulse oximeter (optional, but recommended)

  • Timer or stopwatch