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AIDA Freediving Courses

AIDA International Freediving is the most widely recognized name in freediving around the world. AIDA is known for it's high quality educational programs and excellent safety reputation. 

No matter where you travel around the world, every school or instructor will know and accept your AIDA International freediving certificate. They organize the world championships, dozens of other competitions and maintain the world records for all disciplines. 

We're happy to offer three levels of AIDA courses in freediving education.


AIDA 1 Discovery Freediver 

1 Day Introductory Course

Learn the basics of freediving (apnea), discover your 2 minute breath-hold and safely dive to 10 meters (30 feet) on one breath

Price: 250 $CAD

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AIDA 2 Beginner Freediver

2-3 Day Beginner Course

Dive to 20 meters (65 feet) on one breath, discover your 3 minute breath hold and learn open water rescue techniques

Price: 545 $CAD


AIDA 3 Advanced Freediver

3-4 Day Advanced Course

Deep freediver course to 30 meters (100 feet), 4 minute breath-hold, deep rescue and advanced equalization techniques 

Price: 595 $CAD