Deep Freedive Training & Coaching

So you've completed a freediving course, well the journey is only getting started. A course will teach you all the fundamentals to be a safe and smart freediver.

Continuous training is important to progress in freediving. Whether your goal is a competition, spearfishing, general health or better control of your body, freediving is a life changing challenge.

Our instructors are deep freedivers, they also have competition experience and are recognized as some of the best in Canada.


What an open water deep training session involves:


  • Maximum of 4 freedivers per buoy

  • Safe and supportive environment

  • 75m professional line and buoy system

  • Deep and shallow safety by instructor

  • Coaching and feedback on technique

  • Practice any freediving discipline you want

  • Min. 1.5 hours water sessions

  • Personalized and hands-on teaching approach

  • A fun and healthy adventure


Cost per Person: 99 $CAD + taxes

Private Training (One-on-One): 249 $CAD + taxes


  • Freediving certification (AIDA 1/Wave 1 or higher) 

  • Personal freediving equipment (wetsuit, mask and fins)