Dry Training

Dry training for freediving involves any specific exercise that targets your ability to cope with higher levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) or lower levels of oxygen (O2).


This form of "cross-training" for freediving is highly beneficial to anyone that doesn't have constant access to water.


If you wish to learn exercises that will maintain your freediving endurance and adaptations while out of the water, this training is for you.


 Send me a direct message to organize a training session.


know you limits

expand beyond them

What a typical dry training session looks like: 


  • Maximum of 8 freedivers per session

  • Safe and supportive environment

  •  Safety by instructor

  • Coaching and feedback on exercises

  • Practice CO2 tolerance training

  • Train hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions

  • 1 hour dry sessions (outdoors)

  • Personalized and hands-on teaching approach

  • A fun and healthy workout


Cost per Person: 49 $CAD*

*Price depends on amount of participants


  • Workout clothes and yoga mat

  • Pulse oximeter (optional but recommended)

  • Noseclip (buy one here)

  • Timer or stopwatch

Please contact me below for any questions or reservations.

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