Spearfishing & Harvesting Workshop

Spearfishing & Harvesting is one of the most sustainable way to gather your seafood and connect with the underwater world. 

This is a safe activity if properly learned and practiced.


The first step is to become a competent and safe freediver. Knowing how to hold your breath, manage yourself underwater and identify risks is crucial in spearfishing and harvesting.


What you can expect from a Spearfishing & Harvesting Workshop:

  • Learn about the equipment and gear we use

  • Study the correct fish species and environments for fishing

  • Gain the knowledge how to sustainably catch your own food

  • Practice in-water with professional safety and guidance

  • Learn basic diving techniques and equalization

  • Learn about buoyancy control and gear management

  • Small group size

  • 1 - 2 hours in-water sessions 

  • Knowledge review and discussion prior to water session

  • A great day out in the water spearfishing

Cost per person per day: 349 $CAD + taxes


  • Individual freediving/spearfishing gear (see event description)

  • Freedive certification (AIDA 2/Wave 1 of higher) or similar experience