Surfing Survival Training


Surfers (especially big wave surfer) need to have the skills to hold their breath for an extended period of time during a wipeout. This is where freediving training comes into play. 

Surfing survival training involves exercises that target your ability to cope with higher levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) or lower levels of oxygen (O2).


During a wipeout, your body (and mind) will be trained to relax, not panic and find your way out while holding your breath.


If you wish to learn exercises that will maintain your freediving endurance and adaptations while out of the water, this training is for you.

This style of training as long been promoted by big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater. Surfing Survival training can safe your life in the worst of situations. 

Lori Surfing.jpg

What a typical surfing survival session looks like: 


  • Maximum of 6 freedivers per session

  • A full intensive day of fun and learning

  • Safe and supportive environment

  •  Safety by instructor

  • Focus of CO2 tolerance training

  • Coaching and feedback on exercises

  • Surf wipeout simulation exercises

  • Train hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions

  • Two 1 - 1.5 hour water sessions

  • Personalized and hands-on teaching approach

  • A fun, challenging and healthy workout


Cost per Person: 299 $CAD + taxes


  • Basic pool training gear (wetsuit, mask and snorkel)

  • General health and fitness

  • Ability to swim minimum 200m non-stop