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Garin Josey, 
VP at William F. White International Inc.

Luca taught me both freediving and spearfishing, we also connected deeply on breathwork and lung health, issues I focus on with my philanthropic work. He's an excellent coach, and pays immense attention to details.


Laia Sopeña Spa, Spanish Record Holder 

Luca was by my side during the 2021 World Freediving Championships in Cyprus. His coaching, advice and support allowed me to achieve a new record and become Spain's deepest woman!

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Tim Emmett, 
Pro Athlete & Ice Climbing Legend

From wingsuit base jumping to the worlds hardest ice climbs, I've experienced a few moments. But, Luca ignited my passion for freediving when he (literally) accompanied me down to -35 meters on one breath. Since then, him and I have been on epic adventures all around the world!


Ian Holmes, 
Coach & Owner at Ascension Fitness

With decades of experience as a coach and athlete, it has become aparant how rare it is today for someone to have a deep understand of their body and it's relationship with the landscape. When it comes to the underwater world, Luca not only has it, but has dedicated himself to teaching it to others.


Dr. Joel Gaudet, Dentist and Owner at Wave Dentistry

Luca taught my father and I how to freedive and spearfish. We are avid fishermen, and now we have the skills to safely go dive for our food. Luca is a great teacher and instructor, I can't recommend him enough.

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