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Freediving, breath-hold diving or "apnea", is the most natural way to explore the underwater world. 

Instead of using scuba equipment, freediving education teaches you how to train you body to dive longer and deeper on one breath.

In simple terms; let's bio-hack your body and train your inner aquatic mammal (yes, we all have one). 


Once you've learned how to safely dive on breath-hold, learning how to get their own seafood is a dream for many ocean lovers. 

Spearfishing/harvesting is the most cruel-free, responsible and eco-friendly way to eat seafood. If you do it right, and safely of course. 

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Sea to Sky Freediving Co. was founded by Luca Malaguti in 2018. Luca is a Molchanovs Master Instructor and Canadian Freediving Record Holder. 

His personal best depth is -84 meters (-275 feet) in bi-fins technique.


Luca is currently one of the deepest Canadian freedivers. 

Freediving is for anyone, and Luca loves to teach from complete beginners to advanced depth coaching. Everyone is welcome!


Freediving answers the question:

"How do I go down there without all that scuba equipment?"

Freediving education is also used in surfing, yoga and mountain sports like trail running, climbing or alpinism.

Freediving is the first step to safely learning how to spearfish and harvest.

This sport will also give you bulletproof lungs, increase your ventilation capacity and breath-hold.

Freediving teaches you self-confidence in the water, awareness of your body and improves your overall health substantially. 

Click below to view our upcoming schedule.

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