Sea to Sky Freediving Photography

Landscape, adventure and underwater photography.


All freediving photographs and film captured on one breath. 

Contact me for freedive photography lessons, projects and film opportunities.

What a typical freediving photography lesson looks like: 

  • Practice correct underwater buoyancy

  • Learn to use manual settings on a mirrorless camera 

  • Learn to use an underwater housing

  • Practice position, angle and timing

  • Safety and feedback provided

  • Learn to take stunning split shots

  • Learn the right settings for underwater photography

  • Learn about white balance, aperture, exposure and ISO

  • Have fun and take stunning pictures

  • 1 - 1.5 hour water session

  • Discussion and analysis of photos post dive

  • Practice post-production editing

Cost Per Person: 95 $CAD*

*Cost depends on number of participants 


  • Freediving equipment (wetsuit, mask/snorkel and fins)

  • Freediving certification (AIDA 1/Wave 1 or higher)

Please contact me for questions or reservations.

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