Freediving Photography Workshop

Learn the techniques and skills required to take stunning photographs underwater. 

All while on one breath! 

Freediving photography is the most natural way to connect with marine wildlife, and to document your underwater world. 

What you'll learn in our freediving photography workshop:

  • Practice correct underwater buoyancy

  • A half-day of learning and fun

  • Learn about an underwater housings

  • Practice position, angle and timing

  • Safety and feedback provided

  • Learn to take stunning split shots

  • Learn the right settings for underwater photography

  • Learn about white balance, aperture, exposure and ISO

  • Have fun and take stunning pictures

  • 1 - 1.5 hour water session

  • Discussion and analysis of photos post dive

  • Practice post-production editing

Cost Per Person: 149 $CAD + taxes


  • Freediving equipment (wetsuit, mask/snorkel and fins)

  • Freediving certification (AIDA 1/Wave 1 or higher)