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Wave 1/Lap 1 Freediver - Open Water Course

Duration: 2 Days

Commitment: Beginner

Max Depth: 20 meters

Certification: Wave 1

Cost: 645 $CAD + taxes

  • Get your aquatic mammal on with this course! 

  • The Wave 1 course will train you to become a safe and skilled freediver. 

  • Anyone with basic open water experience and a good ability to swim can join.

  • Learn the technical parts of diving, including how to duck dive, body positioning and line orientation.  

  • You will learn about equalization techniques, breath-work, depth relaxation, and numerous disciplines/techniques taught in freediving. 

  • The Wave 1 course covers safety in freediving and depth rescue training.  

  • You will have access to the Molchanovs Community for online Base Training, for the Workout of the Week and coaching. 

  • Wave 1 internationally recognized certification is included in this course. 

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