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Wave 2/Lap 2 Freediver - Advanced Freediver Course

Duration: 3 Days

Commitment: Intermediate

Max Depth: 30 meters (100 ft)

Certification: Wave 2/Lap 2

Cost: 735 $CAD + taxes

  • Learn the skills to progress deeper in freediving down to 30 meters (100 feet). 

  • Available to any Wave 1 freediver, or similar qualifications from other organizations. 

  • Learn advanced Frenzel technique for deeper equalization. 

  • Continue learning the knowledge on freediving physiology, physics, the physchology of deep diving and mental preparation. 

  • You will learn the relaxation techniques used by professionals in depth competitions.

  • Practice new diving techniques included the dolphin kick (for monofin). 

  • Access to the Molchanovs Community for online training and coaching.

  • Deep safety and rescue skills.  

  • Wave 2 certification is included in this course.

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